Master Data Management (MDM) provides your entire business with a single, clean and consistent view of your Master Data (relating to key entities such as customers, products or employees) and eliminates the common problems that can occur from managing this data across multiple sources.
For example, how many different systems in your business contain customer names, addresses and contacts? Do all of these systems use the same customer data? Can you get a single view of all your customers? These are just some of the challenges that an MDM Solution can help you with.
We have skills in several Master Data Management implementations, including a solution for a client that provides a control mechanism for managing data hierarchies, attributes and member level security. We know MDM inside out!

Here is a summary of what MDM can do for you:

Address Master data challenges:

No single, trusted source of the truth
No dimension maintenance capability
Maintenance of dimensions in the hands of IT, not the business
Conflicting views of product, customer, location etc.
Lack of data quality, e.g. duplicate customers
Reliance on spread sheets or inflexible off-the-shelf systems for Master Data maintenance
Multiple stakeholders for the same record
No versioning or audit trail for Master Data
Inability to enforce data stewardship processes
Inconsistencies cost – mistakes, incorrect reports etc.

Align to a single authoritative source:

Master data hub
Master data platform
Integrate information with people and systems

Stewardship portal
Stewardship process

Manage reference data related to:

People: customers, vendors, sales people, employees, partners, patients
Things: products, organisational units, recipes, parts, storage bins, documents
Places: stores, wells, power lines, geo areas, warehouses
Abstract: contracts, warranties, time, metrics, securities
We deliver Master Data Management Solutions in isolation or as part of a broader Data Warehousing initiative.

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