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Your success is our success. This has been our motivation for the last 19 years!
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Staffing Solutions

RKCS offers comprehensive IT staffing services across a wide variety of industries All candidates are fully screened, reference-checked, and tested for the critical technical skills necessary for the assignment. Our goal is to perform the search so that your time is minimally interrupted while you increase your staff!


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Our strength lies in the knowledge and expertise of our consultants who enable organizations like yours to realize the many benefits of business intelligence. Their ability to get beneath the skin of your business is just as important as their technical skills; an in-depth understanding of what makes your organization tick, and how business intelligence can work for you is an essential preliminary step in any project!


Our core expertise:

  • Enterprise Agile Adoption
  • Modernization of legacy Applications
  • Application Development (Java, .Net - Development & Architecture)
  • Salesforce/Salesforce CTI (AWS Connect Salesforce Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Security Compliance, Assessments, IT Audits
  • Cloud Assessments, Migration (Azure, Amazon, Google)
  • Identity Access Management