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Our Core Expertise

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

To simplify data analysis and access to business information, RK Consultancy Services offers a range of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence development processes that can be tailored to business objectives. Read More

Master Data Management

Providing your entire business with a single, clean and consistent view of your Master Data (relating to key entities such as customers, products or employees) and eliminates the common problems that can occur from managing this data across multiple sources. Read More


A leading programming languages used in software development to build secure, functional and scalable, platform independent applications. The technology is well suited for network computing and business applications and certain e-business solutions. Read More
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RK Consultancy Services is a Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist and Microsoft Partner in Software Development. As a member of the Microsoft Partner and SBS community, we have access to greater benefits that help to strengthen our capabilities and better serve our customers Read More .
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Cyber Security

We take a comprehensive approach and perform the full life cycle management of Vulnerability programs beginning with Asset inventory, discovery, gaps assessment, automating vulnerability scans and reports along with remediation options. Our consultants have managed federal government and state government projects covering many cyber security initiatives including Vulnerability management programs. Read More
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Health Care Information Technology

Increasingly our health care system, must support the twin goals of transparency among care providers and confidentiality regarding the rest of the world. Our professionals meet these requirements as they secure electronic health records, tracking and recording access while enabling access to health care team members. Read More
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Cloud Technical Support

From cloud computing and virtualization to agile software development and big data, today’s IT systems are required to be faster, more efficient and easier to use. We help agencies transform their existing infrastructure to reimagine workflows, enhance security and improve overall delivery.” Read More
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Social Media/Multi-Media

sociall media campaigns require broad and diverse skills. Deep technical knowledge provides the base for developing facebook®, twitter® and other social platforms. Add to that the creative ability to write and use images and those are the requirements for a true renaissance person. RKCS has the innate ability to identify and bring these talented people into the organization successfully. Read More
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Temporary Support Personnel

When you’re ramping up for a deadline and temporarily need a unique skillset to bring a vision to life, a temporary hire is what you need. Transitioning employees from temporary to full time employment is a great way to see them in action before permanently inviting them to your team. We can fill your open position by letting us do the heavy lifting! We’ll search our world-wide database of top talent to find the perfect candidate to add to your team. Read More